Team Bios.


Rich Schlentz

Rich, the founder of EXTRAordinary! Inc., is a workplace consultant, engagement expert, and professional speaker who inspires and equips engaging leaders across the world. He is the Chief Enthusiasm Officer of EXTRAordinary! Inc., a movement dedicated to reviving the global workplace, one culture at a time. Known for his enthusiastic presentations and probing insights into workplace cultures, Rich is a well-loved communicator in companies around the globe. His book, Your Employees Have Quit--They Just Haven't Left, has taken the path to employee engagement out of the realm of managerial voodoo and made it simple and accessible to everyone!








Jerome Daley

Jerome is a professional coach, writer, and speaker who serves EXTRAordinary! Inc. as the Director of Coaching. Author of seven books, he uses his passion for communication to build curriculum, facilitate workshops, and coach leaders to maximum performance. Jerome is certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and brings 30 years in leadership development and organizational excellence to the clients of EXTRAordinary! Inc.